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You’re Going To Fall In Love With Patrick, The Oldest Living Wombat.


Wombats really are a several- . TheyINCHre-known to be sturdy small animals using brief, stubby tails along with an encounter no body On The Planet may avoid. Patrick is actually the earliest residing wombat in captivity… and potentially the sweetest.

Wombat Jim (when I prefer to phone them) exists at Ballarat Wildlife Park in Sydney. Whenever they isn” to hectic performing issues that are marsupial, his handlers are hung away together with by him. They might be the most lucky individuals on the planet.

Wombats might seem like large rats (like capybaras), however they are marsupials.

Wombats may look like big rodents (like capybaras), but they are marsupials.

Which means they’re animals that increase their infants in itty-bitty pockets.

That means they are mammals that raise their babies in itty bitty pouches.

The sack is backwards.

Their pouch is backwards, unlike kangaroos.

Wombats often dig, therefore these back pockets safeguard their youthful.

Wombats tend to burrow, so these backwards pouches protect their young.

Patrick is twenty-seven years old (many wombats in captivity just reside to become about twenty).

Patrick is 27 years-old (most wombats in captivity only live to be about 20).

This ostensibly makes them the Wombat Full.

This basically makes him the Wombat King.

ItINCHs easy to understand why. Not just is he smart and large, but they”s affectionate that is tremendous, also.


When they was nevertheless an infant Wombat Jim was orphaned. a vehicle ran over their mother, therefore his rescuers introduced them to some rehab heart and required them from the sack. Since they was an infant, they was hands- . People are loved by him therefore significantly, they will not be-released in to the crazy. Their handlers include attemptedto launch several occasions to them and his way is usually found by him back.

We adore you Patrick!

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