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Upgrades We Wish The iPhone 6 Came With, But Didn’t. SIGH.


The iPhone that was most recent was unmasked a couple of days back and also the Web buzz about all of the fresh functions it’s. A larger display, greater quality, and quicker Web rates are great but I expected a bit more in the mobile phone large. Contemplating Apple offers more working cash compared to Treasury, I believe they mightINCHng splurged on these updates that are fresh. Here are a few necessities personally I think they’re lacking.

ONE. Greater Autocorrect.

Better Autocorrect.

there are a lot of autocorrect crash sites you realize? ItINCHutes since nearly non-stop is failed by autocorrect. I really hope a method is to allow it to be to ensure that we wear”to seem like dummies that are these when texting individuals.

TWO. Goose Face-Detection.

Duck Face Detection.

It will not consider your picture if you should be creating a goose encounter in a picture. That easy.

THREE. Look Out Of.

See Through.

I’d like my iPhone. Stark experienced a that I desired one since since it ROCKS and look out of phone-in The Avengers.

FOUR. A Back-Scratcher.

A Back Scratcher.

Who wouldn”to adore a great retracting that are aged back-scratcher on the iPhone that is fresh? I understand it would be everywhere instantly bought by fathers.

FIVE. Create Siri Audio Individual.

Make Siri Sound Human.

Siri appearing such as for instance a robotic is creepy in my experience. We”deb enjoy it if she seemed as a real individual in the place of a cyborg lady that is sketchy.

SIX. Possess Siri Really Be Useful.

Have Siri Actually Be Helpful.

We wear”to believe Siri has actually when clarified some of my concerns precisely. And people would be the occasions it knows what we”michael inquiring. Therefore irritating.

SEVEN. A Lazer.

A Laser.

A lazer gun it doesn” matter. Some type of lazer factor is just a requisite.

EIGHT. Picker.

Wedgie Picker.

We wear”to understand how it’d be feasible but holy garbage we”michael fed up with embarrassingly picking wedgies in public places out. We wear”to understand how anyone”deb do it, Apple, but CAN GET IT!

NINE. Fart P-Smeller.

Fart De-Smeller.

Only a little air-freshener regarding whenever you”regarding gassy. Wouldn”to the iPhone be much more filled with that add-on? Indeed. It’d.

ten. Chocolate Feature.

Chocolate Fountain.

That might be amazing when the IPhone-6 might be a transportable chocolate feature along with a celebration beginner.

eleven. Pepper-Spray.

Pepper Spray.

iPhone absolutely wants some type of self-defense system. Including a pepper-spray perform might maintain everybody secure.

twelve. Coffee Machine.

Coffee Maker.

IPhone may be the best telephone regarding kinds that are innovative. Kinds that are innovative prosper from espresso. Paradise was produced in by complement.

thirteen. Projector.


What method that is greater to view these attacks of Work than? Get a large fat whitened walls to yourself and revel in!

14. An Unshakable Display.

An Unbreakable Screen.

Like iPhone displays are constructed of PopRocks Personally I think. The wrong manner small touchs plus they increase. Allow”utes create a display that doesn”to increase right into a zillion items whenever it fall when, ok Apple?

15. A Keyboard

A Keyboard

Telephones in 2007 experienced them. All of us aren”to followers of one’s touch-screen Apple,. ItINCHutes of inputting mistakes, the primary cause.

Oh, the telephone that is perfect. Wouldn”to it’s good to possess those amenities all? It really could be. Regrettably, weINCHll need certainly to delay before iPhone SEVEN when they consider our guidance before we observe.