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These Clouds Are Scary As Hell. Welcome To The End Times… Better Bring An Umbrella.


Summertime 2014 hasbeen frightening and strange as-hell. Almost every area of the nation is encountering some kind of serious climate – to lethal storms within the northeast, from tornadoes and droughts and mid-west. Obviously the query that is reasonable to request now’s, INCHESare we approaching days’ finish?” Possibly… And also the evidence is in these frightening pictures of confuses searching for sufferers that are fresh.

ONE.) Romania is clouded in by hurricane.

1.) Storm clouds in Romania.

TWO.) Appears like a UFO.

2.) Looks like a UFO.

THREE.) Impair mothership moving-in over Questionnaire, Questionnaire.

3.) Cloud mothership moving in over Sydney, Australia.

FOUR.) The confuses are currently arriving for the grain.

4.) The clouds are coming for our wheat.

FIVE.) TheyINCHre actually targeting our independence.

5.) They

SIX.) Hurricane clouds visiting a Co in your area.

6.) Storm clouds coming to a Colorado near you.

SEVEN.) ItINCHs likely to be considered a one that is moist.

7.) It

EIGHT.) Appears like it”s time for you to change that vessel around.

8.) Looks like it

NINE.) Therefore threatening.

9.) So ominous.

ten.) Arriving to get a getting your entire day to wreck.

10.) Coming in for a landing to ruin your day.

eleven.) Boston, Cape Cod.

11.) Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

twelve.) Your march to be rained on by time.

12.) Time to rain on your parade.

thirteen.) This could appear stunning if it wasn”to additionally frightening.

13.) This would look beautiful if it wasn

fourteen.) Dark of damage having a chance.

14.) Cloudy with a chance of destruction.

fifteen.) Why aren”to those individuals operating?

15.) Why aren

sixteen.) That color that is azure is currently haunting.

16.) That blue hue is haunting.

17.) “Oh I”m sorry you weren”to experiencing your entire day or something correct?” – Clouds.

17.) "Oh I

eighteen.) The Shine Impair is hailed by all.

18.) All hail the Glow Cloud.

nineteen.) “Operate people that are weak! Muhahaha!” – Clouds.


twenty.) That one isn”to really Planet. It” Saturn “utes northern post. We”michael not stating our confuses want to end up like Saturn”utes, but we”michael additionally not NOT stating it.

20.) This one isn

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