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There’s Something Unexpected At The End Of The World. And These People Found It…Unbelievable.


In the event that you wear” near or to like levels – experiences, next it may be smart for the Move to be avoided by you at the World’s End. It”utes a that thrill-seekers head to for just one primary, cause that is frightening: in the event that you fall-off, there” s preventing anyone from shedding off of the planet’s facial skin.

it appears to be on-the-edge of the planet, although the move was built-in Ecuador.

The swing was built in Ecuador, but it seems to be on the edge of the world.

ItINCHutes mounted on a tree-house that was massive, that will be really a seismic tracking stop called Casa del Arbol.”


Any thrill seeker may use the move to start away themselves below.

Any thrill-seeker can use the swing to launch themselves out over the canyon below.

You will find zero safety precautions beyond what a gemstone would be found in by you. ItINCHs simply recommended that restricted is held on by you.

There are no safety measures beyond what you would find at a playground. It

This isn”to your swing-set that is daily. However it”utes one you’d never, actually overlook.