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Terrible Service In Restaurant, How Would You React?


Tipping big gone viral… What would you have done? While celebrating their sixth anniversary, Makenzie Schultz and her husband Steven were at a local sushi restaurant where they received terrible service. Now we’ve probably all been there one time or another and had bad service, but these two left a tip… Not just a penny to show your unhappiness with the service, no, no… They decided to leave a $100 tip.

The couple were left waiting 20 minutes for water, 40 minutes for an appetizer and more than an hour for the entrée. The happy couple thought chose not to complain as they saw it was staffing issues causing the delay, and not the fault of their server who was ‘running around like crazy and never acted annoyed with any table.’ Their meal came to $66 and Schultz posted a photo of their tip on Facebook with a total of $166.65



Two thumbs up to Makenzie & Steven!


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