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Ruby – African Grey – Kicked Out Of The Store


Now don’t laugh… This can be serious problem for a business owner, cause you sure don’t want to offend any of your customers. But this foul-mouthed African Grey, named Ruby, was kicked out of the store for having a potty-mouthed vocabulary. Saying things like “Who’s a pretty ****ing boy” and more is why she has been thrown out of the Norcutts Garden Centre in Ashton, Greater Manchester. A spokesman for Norcutts said:

‘We decided to remove her from the centre after receiving a number of complaints about her repeating rude words, and her content was getting much worse.

But don’t worry, all is not lost, as they are hoping to re-educate Ruby… Hopefully with a more polite vocabulary and return her to public display so she can find a loving home. Good luck Ruby, were rooting for your re-educate and a new home…




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