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Gun Industry Executives Admit That Mass Shootings Are Good For Business


Its as bad as we thought. The gun lobby literally has blood on their hands and they dont care at what cost they make their money off of.

If you dont think the gun lobby doesnt love when we have mass shootings, youd be dead wrong. In fact, when mass shootings happen that shake the nation to its core, gun industry executives prepare for an influx of business, and they certainly arent complaining.

The Intercept poured through back door transcripts of gun company, ammunition manufacturing, and sporting stores executives and uncovered a very disturbing tone in their rhetoric.

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Take for example Ed Stack, the chief executive of Dicks Sporting Goods, who said this while speaking at the Goldman Sachs Global Retailing Conference:

The gun business was very much accelerated based on what happened after the election and then the tragedy that happened at Sandy Hook.

Stack went on to describe what he saw as panic buying because Americans thought there were going to be some very meaningful changes in our gun. Stack gleefully exclaimed that the new sales didnt bring hunters in but rather brought shooters into the industry.

I thought the NRA was all about protecting the right to hunt?

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Then theres Tommy Millner, CEO of Cabelas:

Last year, Tommy Millner, the chief executive of Cabelas, a retailer that sells guns, boasted at an investor conference in Nebraska that his company made a conscious decision to stock additional weapons merchandise before the 2012 election, hoping Obamas reelection would result in increased sales. After the election, the Newtown mass shooting happened, and the business went vertical … I meant it just went crazy, Millner said, according to a transcript of the event. Describing the tailwinds of profitability, Millner noted Cabelas didnt blink as others did to stop selling AR-15 platform guns, and so his company got a lot of new customers. The AR-15 is a high-powered assault rifle based on the militarys M-16 model but without the full automatic capacity.

Smith & Wesson chief executive James Debney told a Roth Capital Partners conference in 2013 that fear and uncertainty that there might be increased gun control drove many new people to buy firearms for the first time and that his sales went significantly up.

Steven Miller, CEO of Big 5 Sporting Goods, said his real surge in firearm sales took place following the tragedy in Sandy Hook.

Sales, profits, money, and surges. The only thing these people care about. They have no problem contributing to the misinformed mass who think big bad Obama and the liberals are going to take away their guns. They profit off the murders of innocent men, women and children and are perfectly fine doing so.

Christian nation my ass.

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    • https://www.facebook.com/app_scoped_user_id/100004386368912/ Judy Taylor

      This is so sad! Money is the root of all evil!

    • Otto Greif

      Wow, a disturbing tone.

      • religion&politics

        I KNOW, right? I mean, the word surge alone is SOOOO provocative! How DARE they!

        Its like these people have never actually heard someone gloat before, either that or theyre just lying through their teeth, as per the usual.

    • religion&politics

      Yes, these people are businessmen, money is their, ahem, BUSINESS. I dont hear you whining about Budweiser and Miller executives talking about profits after thousands of people die in drunk driving accidents every year. Your hatred of guns and our freedoms is turning you into a bunch of incoherent, frothing-at-the-mouth goons that no one takes seriously anymore.

      I thought the NRA was all about protecting the right to hunt?

      You thought wrong. They are all about protecting our right to keep and bear arms. Hunting is only one small part of the equation.