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Ben Carson: Hating The GayTM Doesnt Make You A Bigot, PC Police Are Ruining The Country


This discussion is saturated in more sh*t than the usual port o potty in an event that is soup!

Bill Carson simply stated that being against gay-marriage doesn’t cause you to a homophobe. Number… It will. Why otherwise can you refuse same sex partners the chance to obtain hitched?

This asshat continues to express being Computer is destroying our nation. Truly? Therefore, our nation could be better-off if everybody spouted hate and prejudice? Is the fact that why abortion was compared by him to captivity?

What-the-hell will being politically-correct need to do using whether somebody is recognized as a homophobe?! Hes a homophobe, since hes a bible-thumping bigot who would like to refuse exactly the same privileges that are fundamental .

It has nothing related to correctness! It’s related to the Structure.

I really like improper not Computer humor…but I’m great using a couple, who adore one another, marriage. Why? I’m that is trigger no asshole!!

The thing is the price by which right wing conservatives who utilize Scriptures passages to prohibit what-ever makes these unpleasant like Carson are reproduction. Political correctness is needed by us.

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  • nomardw

    Certainly, wherever this begins is the fact that the GOP resents needing to play the role of people that are good. They ADORE something that is actually somewhat unique or degrading and disparaging anybody. Being Computer as the saying goes is approximately attempting not saying things that are unpleasant about others. INTERVAL. They would like to be liberated to utilize bigoted phrase or any jargon phrase and never have to be a small bigot to spend the cost. This really is super easy to determine within the GOP front-runners who detest the don’t and other care who understands.