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15 Shocking Beyonce Secrets Have Been Revealed In New Tell All Book


Beyonce Jay Z and her rapper husband are perhaps the most private couple in the entire celebsphere- yet all of their secrets have been leaked in tell all book.

Unauthorised autobiography Becoming Beyonce has eventually hit book shelves across the world and is showing the life behind Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter and what actually makes her tick.

While it’s unauthorised- meaning none of the content is conclusive- it’s composed by the well-known cecleb autobiographer J. RandyTaraborelli who has written various publications about the secret lives of celebs.

Its believed he hired a private investigator to get a more profound penetration into the Crazy In Love vocalists life and we eventually get to learn the truth about that nighttime in that lift.

Plust 14 other quite hot keys.

Beyonce can blow extremely great snot rockets

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Seemingly the star is very great an after enduring with Beyonce’s sinuses her entire life, blowing snot bombs. Taraborrelli contains an anecdote from a former associate Armon Tillman about Beyonce’s nose clearing strategies.

Here it’s: Ok, this is total child stuff, but its accurate. Her nose was stuffed up on a regular basis. It was an on-going issue. She then stand over a sheet of paper and would put it back on the ground. Subsequently shed put pressure on one nostril with her index finger and blow out. As well as the snot would only go flying. Spill do the same with the other nostril. Wed all say, Beyonce, that’s not simply nice, and spill laugh and said, I understand! But if Beyonce want me to sing, this is what I gotta do! Turn Beyonce backs in case you dont wanna see it.’